What are the Portland Dance Community Awards?

The Portland Dance Community Awards (PDCA) are a celebration of Portland’s heroes who are devoted to the success of Portland dance through their service work to the community. The goal of the PDCAs is to highlight the individuals (and the organizations they represent) who are paramount to the success of Portland dance, expose them to broader audiences, and help expand their opportunities for further donorship and greater foundational support.

Who is eligible to be a PDCA Nominee?

The PDCAs consider individuals who have positively impacted any style, tradition, and genre of dance within Portland through their service work, as opposed to artistic focus or practice. The PDCAs are interested in identifying and acknowledging the work of individuals who have a demonstrated longevity of service to the community, and who would benefit from greater and broader public exposure.

Eligible Nominees:

  • Portland-based individuals who have served the Portland-metro area for the past three years or more.
  • Have ideally not been awarded a major commission or acknowledgment within the past two years from an organization, individual, or group who would be considered high profile, highly visible, or well known.
  • Adheres to the highest of professional and artistic standards.
  • Their service must reflect any of these values:
    • Elevates the impact of artists on Portland dance communities.
    • Increases visibility and accessibility of dance to Portland audiences (new and established).
    • Creates new and/or bolsters existing platforms for Portland dance-artists.
    • Provides services that allow for greater artistic expression and performance opportunities.
  • Must not be a current PDCA Panelist(s), or associated with push/FOLD or Union PDX.
  • A single nomination can be of one or more individuals who work for the same organization or program.